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Patrick Swayze Signs Book Deal

. The memory, still untitled, will give an intimate account of the star life, including his battle with cancer. I write from my heart about these experiences and withdrawal from the pure pleasure of it, if people happen to gather inspiration from it, or incentive, or find a new way of love, it would be wonderful. Actor Patrick Swayze, which has been fighting for four-stage pancreatic cancer the past year, has signed a deal to write his life story. The memory to be written with his wife, Lisa Niemi, will be published in autumn by Atria Books. With all that I was lucky enough to do in my life, and that cover a wide range of different subjects, I m told that my story has been a source of inspiration for people, Swayze, 56 years, Dirty Dancing and star of the series A E La Bestia, said in a statement.
6.5.09 11:30


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